Monday, January 31, 2011

Lucy's First Day At School

My baby girl is now at 'Big School'. This is not how I pictured her first day of school photo to look like. Where's the uniform?? School bag?? School??
BUT how lovely to have her (and Bridget and Claire) with me for another year. I'm sure it will be a great one!!!
AND there were no tears!!
Back in Lismore ready to start our second year of travelling. The girls are excited to be starting school again!
Lucy got some time away from her desk and cooked some biscuits with her cousin, Carrie.
All three girls ready to get stuck into their schoolwork on their first day for 2011!!
Lucy is proudly showing off her painting of her on her first day of school.

Back to our Caravan

We arrived back in Lismore and picked up our caravan. We were all excited to be back in it and had a great nights sleep in our own beds. We worked out we had been in about 10 different houses over our 5 weeks away! Chris's cousin was getting married about half an hour away, so we spent the afternoon at another wedding (because we haven't been to enough lately, ha,ha). This was by far the most different wedding we have been to!
On our way from Nambucca to Lismore, we stopped in at the Big Banana. WooHoo!!
From Gunnedah we travelled to Nambucca Heads to see some more good friends, The Spriggs. They had only just moved here so we helped out with some unpacking, celebrated Elijah's 2nd birthday and took a few trips to the beach. Fun!!
We spent 4 weeks around home instead of the 2 weeks intended. Chris was busy harvesting, we were trying to get Lucy's ear problems sorted out and we were having so much fun catching up with everyone!!!
From Wellington, we travelled to Gunnedah where our good friends, The Verdon's from Yeoval have just moved. We had a great time with them and spent Sunday arvo out at Lake Keepit.

Friends, friends, friends

The girls had lots of sleepovers with their friends Sydney and Ailee. They have just finished putting on a fashion parade for us in this picture.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Home again!!

Wedding number 7 in just over 12 months. This was Caleb and Jacqui's wedding at home in Yeoval. It was a great day. As well as a beautiful wedding, we also loved catching up with friends!! It is good to be home! (For a couple weeks)
I've also enjoyed catching up with friends. We all spent a week out at our friends place. It's so nice.......but certainly makes it harder to say goodbye and leave again.
Bridget and Natalie. We spent NYE at our good friends place. It was great to catch up with friends who we've missed so much.
Claire and her good friend Katie. The girls loved being home and catching up with friends. They also spent a couple of days with their best buddies from school. It's so lovely to see their friendships still solid.
We spent a day on Burrendong dam with our friends Michael and Jo. It was amazing to see all the water in it after the recent heavy rains and flooding. It certainly made for a fun day! Bridget Claire and Lucy all had a turn. They were a little unsure to start, but by the end of the day, were having a ball and didn't want to go home!
Chris and I also had lots of fun on the tubes (when we weren't hanging on for dear life!!)
It was my first time at getting up on one ski. WooHoo!! Great fun!
We took a trip to Cootamundra to see Chris's sister and family. We were able to celebrate Reg's 6th birthday with him.
We also got to meet and have cuddles with our gorgeous new niece Evie Rose. She's 9 weeks old and is very smiley and happy.

Harvest is usually all done and dusted by Christmas, but not this year. All the rain and flooding delayed it. Chris and his dad have spent some long days getting off what crop is left for some neighbours of ours. Chris even got a taste of what all the poor farmers have had to put up with this harvest when he got the header bogged!!

Christmas Day 2010

From Sydney, we head to Wellington to Chris's parents for Christmas day.