Monday, March 21, 2011

Feeding the Dolphins

We got up early and drove to Tin Can Bay to see the rare indo-pacific humpback dolphin. We were able to watch them while we stood in the water and then we could feed them! Fun! Fun!
Claire has a turn. It was so great to see this gentle animal
so close!
Bridget loved it and spent lots of time in the water with the dolphins. She wished she could pat them, but because they're wild, we weren't allowed.
This is Carlo's Sand Blow. There were some steep sand dunes here!
The girls had a ball going up the sand dunes and running back down. There were quite a few tumbles!!

Rainbow Beach

Rainbow Beach. We enjoyed a swim here. The water was a beautiful 26 degrees!
At low tide you could drive along the beach to look at the coloured sand, which gives Rainbow Beach its name.
Bridget makes a rainbow out of some of the many colours of sand found at Rainbow Beach. Apparently there are 72 colours all up!! Quite amazing!
We spend 2 nights in Maryborough. On Sunday afternoon we take a look around town. The girls have their photo taken with Mary Poppins. The author of the book was born here in Maryborough.

Bye Mango Hill

For our last night in Mango Hill (Brisbane) we enjoy a dinner together with Geoff and Carol and Aunty Helen. We had a great time here and met some great people.

Monday, March 14, 2011

The mighty MMM garage sale!!

Four times a year Mobile Mission Maintenance have these huge garage sales. It's their main fundraiser for the year. We were blown away by the amount of stuff (you could say junk) was dropped off for them to sell. Everyday after work, Chris was doing pickups. The sheds were chock-a-block full and it took two days to sort it out, two days of the garage sale and another day to pack up. We did score some great bargains though!
This is the area that Bridget helped set up. The girls loved having a job to do and were happy to help out where they could. When it was quieter on Saturday, they gave their maths skills a workout and served people behind the counter.
We found this lovely hidden beach area down at Redcliffe. The girls were riding their scooters along and we ended up here. We didn't know from driving along the top that it was here. It was gorgeous. You would think that you were at some tropical island!

Chris at Work

Chris doing some maintenance work for a retired missionary couple in Brisbane.
This is the job at Youth With A Mission (YWAM) that Chris has been helping out with. They're adding on an outdoor area.

City of Brisbane

We needed to go into the city for Lucy's hearing test, so decided to make a day of it. As it cost an arm and a leg to catch the train in, we decided to drive. I hope the stress was worth it!! We had to reverse out of a parking station as our ute didn't fit under and it took a lot of driving around to find one where we did fit! Once we parked, we enjoyed a ferry ride down the Brisbane River and the girls loved the museum. We are definitely a lot more comfortable in the wide open spaces!!
This is Southbank. It's meant to be beautiful down here with a man made beach and lovely parks. As you can see it's all under construction after been ruined in the Brisbane floods. They're slowly getting back on their feet.