Saturday, April 26, 2014

Bungle Bungles

 We weren't planning to go back to the Bungle Bungles on this trip, but when Chris realised it was another long weekend for Anzac Day he suggested we go camping at the Bungles.  It's only a four hour drive into the Bungles from Kununurra and even the drive there is beautiful!  We were really glad we went.  This is one special place!
 We are loving being here early in the dry season!  None of this water was around last time we were in here and it really made for spectacular scenery!!
 Cathedral Gorge
 Cathedral Gorge
 We really enjoyed a couple of nights away from the caravan.  Sleeping in a tent definitely makes you appreciate the caravan more too!  Here the girls are making breakie....bacon and egg muffins.
 The beautiful scenery on the way into Echidna Chasm.  I love the contrast of the red rocks, green trees and blue sky.

 Just walking into Echidna Chasm.  You can see just how small we are next to the tall chasm.
 We timed our walk into the chasm so we would be here when the sun was overhead.  In this photo, the sun is just coming down through the chasm.  An amazing sight!!

 We were amazed at just how green it was in here.  Usually the spinifex is all yellow and dry, but this time they were spiky balls of lush green.
 The girls enjoying the view up at the sunset lookout.  It had been a big day with plenty of walks and hot weather.  It was nice just to sit, relax and enjoy God's creation!

 We even enjoyed a swim in here.  Pretty special having a dip to cool off with the Bungle Bungles as a backdrop!! WOW!!!  And there was hardly anyone around.  I had to set up the self timer to take this family photo as there was no one around.

 The girls may look like they're just casually playing near the water, but in fact that are killing cane toad tadpoles!!  We were amazed just how many of them were around.  They are a huge problem up here and are starting to invade.  They even had toad catching as an activity in the campground each evening.  They're catching around a thousand a night and you can't tell the difference!


 Panorama 1
Panorama 2

Monday, April 21, 2014

Amalia Gorge - El Questro

 Some friends were heading out to El Questro on Easter Monday and asked if we wanted to go.  We were quick to answer YES!
 They were planning on doing the walk to Amalia Gorge.  We have been to El Questro before and done a lot of the walks, but we had never done this one.  Each time we'd come we were told not to bother about this walk as all the water had dried up or was stagnate. As we are here much earlier in the season, it's a great time to do this walk and going with friends makes it even better!
 Here's a little freshwater water croc.  We were told we had the choice at this spot to swim through the water with the croc there or shuffle along a narrow ledge where paper wasps are likely top attack you.  Not a great choice!!!
 Here all the kids are deciding if they should jump off the ledge into the water.  The croc is just on the other side.
 All our girls (and Chris and I too) decided it looked too fun to miss out on.  Here's Lucy making the jump in!
 The scenery on the walk up to the gorge was typical of the Kimberley......nothing short of spectacular!
 We loved that there were all these rock pools to swim in on our way up and on the way back.  Perfect to cool off in.

 Amalia Gorge
We made it to the gorge and were amazed at the sight before us.  I couldn't get a photo to capture the whole gorge and the sun was in a bad spot, but it was gorgeous.  Maybe even one of the best gorges we've seen (and we've seen quite a few!!)
 The water was really cold, but very refreshing.  The kids were straight in and swam across to the waterfall.
 All the kids that came on the walk.  We came out for the day with one family and met up with another family from church who were camping out here for the holidays.  A great day spent with friends.

 The fun continued on the way back down with plenty more jumping off rocks into beautiful waterholes.

 Back at the campsite at El Questro we had lunch and then found another great spot to swim and cool off.
Claire with her good friend Becky
We took a 4WD track up to a lookout over the Kimberley before heading home.

Saturday, April 19, 2014

Middle Springs and Valentine Springs

 We went back to Middle Springs and this time we walked up to the top of the springs.  We were blown away by the view from up there and the amazing rocks pools.  It was SPECTACULAR!!
 We all had a great time jumping off rocks into the pools.  It was fun!!

 This is down the bottom of Middle Springs.
 We dropped into Valentine Springs on our way back out.  Another great place for exploring and swimming and it's all so close to Kununurra!

Elephant Rock